NEMSC – Improving the Educator or Just Another EMS Cert?

In my blog I’ve mentioned the industrial swing from vocational to academic standards in our primary education.  One of the areas we are seeing change is through the National Association of EMS Educators.  NAEMSE publishes the EMS Instructor Guidelines document which addresses DOT Instructor Course content.  They present an Instructor I and II course and most recently have instituted a national EMS educator credential called the National EMS Educator certification, and of course they also have stakes in the EMS Education Agenda for the Future which is the primary document driving the changes we are experiencing.

I want to support endeavors for improvement so I’ve spent time reviewing these documents, taking the courses and evaluating the progress, but I’m not yet convinced that what NAEMSE is offering in the way of Instructor courses and a new National Educators Certification is in line with the EMS Education Agenda for the future and CoAEMSP and CAHEP accreditation processes and standards.  Perhaps I’m missing something but there seems to be a gap between what the EMS Education Agenda for the future is suggesting for education requirements for instructors and the requirements for the National EMS Certification.

I am an advocate for improving the EMS Educator.  The days of initial EMS education through non-accredited means should begin winding down and we should push for an increase in education requirements for the EMS instructor.  Is the NEMSC an answer to increasing the quality of EMS instruction?

Do any of you have experience or thoughts on my assessment?