EMS Leadership Podcast – Field Training Officers

This EMS Leadership Podcast episode discusses the workings of managing an FTO program. Join Chris Cebollero as he talks with Catie Holstein on how she manages her FTO’s, from hiring to training to evaluating there are great ideas to enhance any FTO program.

EMS Leadership Podcast – Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services

EMS Expo in Las Vegas. In this EMS Leadership Podcast episode join Chris Cebollero and his guests Bruce Evans, Catie Holstein, and Sarah McEntee as they discuss the CAAS process and it’s importance to the EMS career field.

The World of EMS According To Me

The EMS industry today has increased in its complexity from the days of old.  Through technological advances from monophasic defibrillators and glucometers to biphasic and 12 lead ECG machines, pulse oximetery and capnography, IO guns, and biomarkers, we have access to tools that help us identify medical conditions in our patients that may require advanced care.  But does this make us better providers?

The healthcare systems in America are becoming increasingly ineffective and inaccessible for a variety of reasons.  EMS systems are being forced to expand the scope of practice of providers to increase the depth and breadth of the services we provide.  EMS providers are the only allied health care professionals that are not required to obtain an educational degree to obtain certification / licensure in the industry.  Should we be expanding our scope of practice and demanding higher pay and more respect without moving the EMS industry from a vocational field to an academic field?

As the generations define themselves through firmer footholds in tradition and technology, we see a greater diversity in our workforce.  This diversity presents EMS leaders with unique challenges.  We experience an increased demand from regulating agencies for continuing education and decreased responsibility, even blatant acts of dishonesty in maintaining con-ed requirements in EMS “professionals”.

These are just a few of the challenges that our EMS industry is facing and that I as an individual face daily in my career.

Follow and contribute to my discussions as I learn and explore these topics through writing about them and discussing them with others.  Connect with me and lets share ideas and resources.  Let’s become the change we want to see.